Train Hits Man Causing His Legs to be Amputated

827175_75b6ccbf2a6249b99df030f52d24544aA train hit a man on June 3rd in Marion County, causing the man to undergo major surgery. It has been reported that a 132-car train ran over the man’s legs, which were laying on the tracks. Despite applying the emergency breaks and the horn, the train was not able to stop in time given its heavy load. Authorities have not identified the man and are still investigating the incident. Fortunately, the man survived. However, his legs were amputated during surgery.

If the unfortunate incident was not a suicide attempt, the train company may be civilly liable if the area around the train tracks were not properly closed or fenced off, adequate warning signs about the dangers of walking near the train tracks were not posted, the train was traveling at an excessive speed, and a proper look out was not performed by the engineer.

While any death or major injury is sad, the ones that would not have occurred but for the negligence or the intentional acts of a third party are especially troubling. For those times where the death of a person was a result of someone else’s acts or omissions, Florida Wrongful Death Act allows a claim to survive the victim’s death.

Wrongful death cases are complicated due to requiring the assistance of a capable attorney like Mr. Alexis Izquierdo. Many times it can be difficult to obtain a complete picture of how the events happened because the victim, the person with first-hand knowledge, is not here to give us their story. In order to assist with putting the victim’s story together, Mr. Izquierdo relies on the official death reports prepared by the medical examiner’s office and the homicide detectives. He also retains his own investigators to look into the events that led to the tragic death. Furthermore, Mr. Izquierdo seeks the guidance of medical experts to better understand the medical reasons behind the death of the victim.

If a loved one has been seriously injured or died as a result of someone else’s intentional acts or omissions, please contact attorney Alexis Izquierdo for a free consultation regarding your rights and probate duties. You may be entitled to monetary relief for funeral expenses and loss of financial support among many other things.

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