Tornado Touches Ground Near Miami International Airport

827175_7433bd7e73cd4fc38ab7d564e1dad440Warnings were given all throughout Miami due to a tornado briefly touching ground Thursday around 2:30 p.m. near Miami International Airport. 20 minutes later, a second funnel cloud was spotted. Due to poor visibility incoming and outgoing flights were delayed for roughly an hour. Up to 56 flights were delayed. Fortunately, all tornado warnings were canceled around 3:15 p.m.

Unfortunately, tropical storms, tornados, or hurricanes can result in millions of dollars in property damage claims. Thus, insurance companies welcome opportunities to discourage claims, limit payouts, or deny any coverage. Insurance companies may rely on obscure policy exclusions and technicalities relating to premiums or applications. Furthermore, they may only provide coverage if an outrageous deductible is paid. The majority of the flood insurance throughout Florida is provided by the federal government. This is because private insurers do not want to undertake the high risk and cost that result from flood damage, especially in high flood areas. As a result, the federal government agreed to use tax dollars in order to underwrite flood insurance. Private insurers may sell and service the policies – but again, the underwriter is the federal government.

Do not become a victim by assuming you are not in a flood zone. Keep in mind that after Hurricane Katrina, 80 percent of properties damaged in some states did not have flood insurance. Furthermore, non-flood areas can become flood areas over time. Find out your flood risk by checking the National Flood Risk Insurance Program at The National Flood Risk Insurance Program site provides flood risk assessments pertaining to a specific address. Also, the Office of Insurance Regulation in Florida estimates that the majority of households do not have flood coverage. Some of these households are located in high flood risk areas and others wrongly assume that their standard homeowners’ policy covers flood-related loss. FEMA’s website offers tutorials on reading and understanding flood insurance rate maps. For further information their website can be visited at If you have questions about your insurance coverage, contact The Izquierdo Law Firm.

If your insurance company acts in bad faith by denying or not issuing just compensation for your claim contact The Izquierdo Law Firm. Our highly trained and motivated staff deals directly with the insurance provider in regards to having damaged personal property replaced; ensuring reimbursement is received for hotel and food expenses resulting from an unsafe house, and more. Our team will fight to make sure you receive the just compensation you deserve.

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