Teenager In Hialeah Killed As Car Collides With Tree

827175_37ca4fbcd3824a8eb097216ce135103dA teenager was killed and another teenager was critically injured after a car struck a tree in Hialeah on Thursday, May 28, 2015.  The accident took place around 1:00 am at intersection of Northwest 87th Ave/West 28th Avenue and 112th Street/West 60thStreet. The impact was so devastating that the automobile split in half. The car was reportedly headed southbound on West 28th Avenue when it somehow crossed into the opposite direction and collided with the tree. Natasha Gutierrez, the 17- year-old passenger, was killed. The driver, 18-year-old male Danyelo Rivalta was immediately transported to the hospital where he is said to be in stable condition according to the Hialeah Fire Rescue. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

Car accidents and the devastation that they cause are widly reported; many websites include detailed statistics and information about car accidents (tjryanlaw.com) that can be found online. While the numbers of deaths are outrageous, but the long-lasting injuries that can result from serious collisions can destroy entire families.

The sheer number of automobiles on the roads in South Florida make car accidents all too common. The direct effects of such accidents can lead to brain injuries, lumbar and spinal issues, fractures, and unfortunately, death.  If you sustain an injury or lose a loved one in an automobile accident, the advice of a wrongful death attorney like Mr. Izquierdo can prove invaluable. A fatal accident can leave a victim’s family with very high funeral expenses in addition to the loss of support and income that the victim provided during his or her lifetime. In Florida, the law allows for the parent, child, spouse or other qualified representative of the victim’s estate to bring a claim against the negligent party. Mr. Izquierdo is experienced in these matters and has represented numerous clients as they have brought claims on behalf of their family member’s estates.

Some accidents which do not cause death can still result in serious and complex injuries. Mr. Izquierdo works with medical practitioners in order to properly determine the extent of these injuries.

When an accident results in the death of a loved one, consulting an experienced attorney who can properly apprise you of your rights is very important. We can arrange a free initial consultation in order to discuss how we can help you through this difficult time. Please contact Personal Injury Lawyer/Wrongful Death Lawyer Alexis Izquierdo
at (305) 985-7800.

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