Student is Stabbed During Argument at Miami Killian Senior High School

827175_07734e15a13143d9b37c66923134c9ceA 15-year old boy was stabbed by a 17-year-old girl earlier today at Miami Killian High School in South Miami-Dade. DeAndre Johnson was involved in an argument with the suspect in the school cafeteria when the girl pulled out a blade and stabbed him multiple times. Johnson was quickly rushed to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital with a stab wound to his upper chest area. There he underwent emergency surgery in order to mend a pierced lung and artery. Johnson was said to be in critical condition, although family members took to Twitter to indicate that he was recovering. The suspect was arrested at the scene and charged with felony attempted murder as well as possession of a weapon on school property. The school was promptly placed on lockdown due to the incident.

In cases such as these, there may be some civil liability on the part of a school for allowing an armed student onto the school premises and failing to protect its students and staff. A property owner is responsible for protecting invitees on its premises from harm. If the harm that takes place was foreseeable and the property owner failed to take any precautions to prevent the said harm, then the owner can be held civilly liable for any injuries to the students or staff.

Schools generally take precautions in order to protect their campuses and the students and employees that are present. School grounds are usually surrounded by fencing and many schools have hired security guards. Only certain people are allowed on campus and harmful objects and weapons are prohibited. Additionally, school employees are trained to implement security measures. If there is any negligence on the part of the school or the administrators that lead to a student harming another student or a staff member with a weapon, a school can be held liable for such harm.

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