Student Brings Loaded .32 to Miami Gardens School

827175_2135512cd6184791ac59832d7e35afcbOfficials received a tip that Leon Bradly had a loaded .32 caliber piston on school grounds in Miami Gardens. After witnessing Bradley acting suspicious, Principal Samuel Johnson and teacher Eddie Laille patted him down resulting in the finding of a firearm. While being held in custody, Bradley allegedly told officers that someone else at the school had a gun, which resulted in a lockdown of Jan Mann Opportunity School. Police said that Bradley confessed to obtaining the gun by stealing it from a lady in a Winn-Dixie parking lot. Bradley’s father described his son as being bipolar. He is trying to get Bradley into some type of program and is having counselors aid in treating him in the meantime.

From a civil standpoint, the school may have been civilly liable due to not properly protecting its students by allowing an armed student on its premises. Jan Mann Opportunity School may also be liable because a property owner is responsible for any harm that comes to its invitees while on their premises. If said harm was foreseeable and the failed to take any actions to prevent it, then it is civilly liable for any injuries to the students and employees.

The Jan Mann Opportunity School takes precautions to ensure its students safety by fencing in their premises, only allowing certain people on the premises, prohibiting harmful objects from being brought on its premises, and more. Furthermore, it requires its employees to uphold the safety precautions that have been put into place. As a result, the Jan Mann Opportunity was probably given notice that some sort of protection against allowing loaded guns on its premises needed to be in place. The result of the non-deterrence and the negligence may have resulted in the harm of students or employees if Bradley had used the gun on its premises.

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