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Premises Liability Cases

Doe v. ABC Engineering Co. ETC. AD

$1.875 Million Confidential Settlement

Plaintiff, Mr. Doe was referred to our office after suffering catastrophic wrist and head injuries as a result of a slip and fall accident. After much litigation, our firm was able to successfully compensate Mr. Doe for his injuries.

Quintana v. Steak In Foods & Beverages, Inc., & The Four Ambassador Association

$612,500 Settlement

Due to the premises of the Defendant being maintained improperly, Mr. Quintana fell while attempting to leave the establishment. As a result, Mr. Quintana sustained detrimental leg injuries.

Castillo v. Graupier

$300,000 Settlement

An eleven year old boy was playing at the play house named the “Green Club” located approximately a foot from the back of your insured’s large free standing brick wall barbecue. He grabbed the barbecue and it completely collapsed. Recovery for an eleven year old boy was obtained due to him suffering catastrophic injuries due to the brick wall collapasing onto his leg. Furthermore, the settlement was obtained on behalf of the minor for injuries he suffered as a result of the negligence of the homeowner maintaining the premises. Mr. Izquierdo filed suit on behalf of Mr. Castillo claiming negligence against the property owner. A $300,000 settlement was obtained for the client.

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