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This article shares some great advice from Phoenix accident attorney, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane discussing the causes of and responsible parties for accidents resulting from light rails and trains

It is entirely possible that you in your capacity as a passenger, driver, or even pedestrian may have sustained sometimes significant, life altering, or even life threatening injuries that you suffered from a collision with or an accident involving a light rail or train. These powerful vehicles are unforgiving, and if you are a victim of one of them gone awry then we understand that this can easily prove to be a physically, financially, and especially emotionally devastating encounter. Many individuals who suffer from these types of accidents find that they are now faced with the prospect of literally years worth of physical rehabilitation or even possibly with suffering from a permanent and life changing physical handicap.

Rest assured that our attorneys care about the injustice and unfairness of such a turn of events and we will labor and strive earnestly to help you to navigate through the many issues and complicated twists and turns that occur in these difficult and complex sorts of legal cases. Our staff will clearly and competently answer any and all queries that you have on the issues, such as matter pertaining to financial needs and recompense as well as the intricacies and particulars of associated medical care and needs that have resulted from the injury and aftermath of this terrible form of accident.

Our team of highly professional and experienced accident lawyers and support staff will offer you the most dedicated work and expert of guidance in order to secure fair and appropriate monetary damages and compensation for your particular claim.

The Most Common Forms of Train Crashes and Collisions

Accidents of Trains and Light Rail Which Involve Other Trains or Light Rail Systems.

Typical Causes of these Accidents

The most typical causes of such kinds of accidents often result from the following errors or problems with the trains:

  • Badly maintained tracks can cause trains and other light rail to literally jump off the tracks and then collide with another train.
  • The negligence of the train conductor can cause a train to crash into a train that is stopped on the tracks.
  • Carelessness or outright negligence of the operators can cause trains and light rails to not be properly directed and improperly set into a common trajectory by mistake.

Such injuries that happen as a result of and in the midst of such collisions can range from minor to very serious. Should trains that are moving in opposing directions then collide and crash, severe injuries and even wrongful deaths can easily result from this unfortunate and almost entirely unavoidable series of circumstances.

Accidents Between Trains and Light Rail with Cars and Other Vehicles

The Most Typical Causes

Such accidents as these with vehicles are most commonly created because of the negligence or mistakes made by the driver of a car or other passenger vehicle:

  • Stopping a car directly on the tracks in the belief that cars and other vehicles stopped up ahead will then move up and forward to provide more space.
  • Attempting to run ahead of a red light or cross railroad tracks ahead of an impending approaching train or light rail passing ahead of the car, truck, or SUV.

Such actions can be most serious and lead to:

  • Potential derailment of the train or light rail.
  • A severe or even life threatening injury.
  • A case of wrongful and avoidable death.
  • A serious accident involving a passing pedestrian.

The Time to Contact Our Offices

Should you have suffered from a train or light rail accident within the region of Phoenix, Arizona or any other part of the state, then you should immediately call our law offices in order to obtain a free and no-obligation consultation with a member of our team of professional accident attorneys. You should speak with a Phoenix car accident lawyer at Cantor Crane by phone at (602) 254-2701 or fill in our online Case Evaluation Form if you prefer. We are the dedicated, hard-working, and experienced accident attorneys that you can trust to help you with the claim for your personal injuries or wrongful death case within the state of Arizona.

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