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Why Is It Important To Contact An Attorney In A Premises Liability Case?

Why Would Someone Need An Experienced Attorney To Handle Their Premises Liability Claim?

Not getting an experienced lawyer and trying to do it yourself is not the best of ideas that one can do. It is a specialty that needs to be handled by professionals who do this type of work day in and day out. It would be equivalent to trying to go to the hospital and self-diagnosing and operating yourself as opposed to an experienced doctor who has years and years of schooling and experience at what they do.

How Does A Law Firm Determine Whether To File A Premises Liability Suit Or Whether To Let A Particular Case Go?

That’s determined with the client’s involvement and typically the law firm will initially attempt to enter into negotiations of resolving the client’s damages without having to bring forth a lawsuit which incurs costs to the client and expenses. If the law firm can avoid that, they do; however, if the opposing side feels that their position is in the right and they have no legal responsibility for the client’s damages or they feel that the damages that they want to pay the responsible client for are much less than what the firm feels is appropriate for what happened, then the law firm will proceed with the client’s consent, of course, into litigation and all that usually is determined within the first six months of the case after a lawsuit is filed. Like mentioned earlier, it would be within two years the firm will have the case hopefully tried or settled.

What is The Issue Of Negligent Security And How Is It Relevant?

The issue of negligent security, and especially in South Florida, is a big one. It means that the crime rate in Bay County, has not lessened. As a matter of fact, it has probably increased in certain areas and the owners of establishments that have a business in an area where there is a high crime rate have a responsibility to the residents of that area to provide a safe place and sometimes, residents, people who are visiting, shopping, doing regular daily activities, do not have the means to know what a dangerous place they are doing these activities in unless the landowner either informs them or provides better security because the landowner does know or should know. If he doesn’t know that these places are dangerous, that applies to all types of different establishments – restaurants, bars, hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings, lounges, nightclubs, gas stations, just about anywhere where you think that you are going to go to if you’re not at work, that place needs to be kept safe for you and if you’re going somewhere and you have no knowledge that this place has a propensity of being dangerous, then the landowner is very responsible. That also applies to nonviolent situations where you have parking garages and you have parking lots where you have an interaction between pedestrians and motor vehicles. The landowner in those situations also has a very high responsibility to make sure that he provides a safe, adequate place for you to get out of your car and get to where you’re going without getting hit by a car and you’ll be surprised how little thought people give to these types of things until they happen and all these issues brought forth are totally preventable, or most are.

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