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Why Do You Practice Auto-Accident Litigation?

I have always been interested in helping people obtain competent and expert legal representation where in any other situation, they would not be able to afford a litigation trial lawyer. Because the way that our state works with contingency cases, we are able to help people who are looking for a good representation who don’t have any idea what to do. The people that you are helping them against are trained professionals who are looking out for corporations’ best interest, not of the client.

Approximately How Many Auto-Accident Cases Have You Handled?

The number is likely in the high hundreds, if not over a thousand cases of individuals who have been involved in car wrecks. In the cases that we handle, we don’t discriminate and only want to represent people who had catastrophic type accidents. I want everyone to know that we’re here to represent anyone that was involved in a car accident that was injured.

Additionally, there are occasions where you have minimal impact wrecks, where the client has received a very substantial and serious injury. That is something that we take very much pride in, is making those cases and representing the clients who are not initially thought of as having a very bad injury. Just because you don’t have a lot of damage to the vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t become seriously injured in a car wreck.

Why Are Personal Injury Attorneys Portrayed in a Negative Manner, Especially in Auto-Accident Cases?

The prevailing problem that all injury attorneys that try cases are having is the negative perception that has been brought upon us, and we have some of the blame for that. When one of my clients’ cases is brought to a jury, I try to earn those jurors’ trust and try to make them understand that just because there are stereotypes, everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt individually. That trust is earned first with the individual attorneys who are representing the insurance companies, and then in the future, if a trial needs to happen, with the jurors because the perceptions are there.

They need to be brought forth and everyone needs to understand that just because certain things are looked at in a general manner doesn’t mean that every case is the same and what we try and do in our law firm is individualize each client’s case and make it a point to show everyone, the carriers and the juries, that their case matters.

What Types of Vehicle Accidents Do You Handle?

Because we live in a nice climate state, aside from just automobile vs. automobile, you have accidents involving cyclists on Florida roads quite often. You also have pedestrians that are struck by cars as well as accidents of cars going into buildings and things of that nature, people losing control of their vehicles. You also have the motorcycles and mopeds, which a lot of people have in South Florida, that are involved in accidents.

I’ve been lucky enough and have had the privilege to represent individuals in all those types of cases, not just auto, but bicyclists as well as pedestrians and people who have even been killed as a result of cars going into buildings.

Is Florida a Fault State or a No-Fault State In Regards to Auto-Accidents?

Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to automobile accidents. Under Florida law, each individual’s insurance carrier for their own vehicle becomes their primary health insurance when you get into a car wreck. Even if you have private health insurance, that won’t kick in until your car insurance’s medical portion is exhausted.

As a result of that, under Florida law, in order to make a claim for pain and suffering and damages to one’s own person against someone else for their negligence, you must have what’s called a permanent injury. It’s very important that if you do get into a car wreck and you’re not feeling 100%, then you try and immediately seek legal advice as to what your options are with regards to your injuries and the treatment of those injuries.

There is also a time limitation as to when an individual may begin treatment and be covered by one’s car insurance for medical purposes. All those things play a big role in Florida in the automobile accident type case, which is why it’s my opinion that, as an attorney, you cannot do a whole different lot of things if you also represent injury cases regarding motor vehicles because of the complex nature of these types of cases.

In at-fault states, everybody’s insurance company will pay for the other at-fault; in other words, the at-fault insurance carrier will pay for both economic and non-economic damages to a person that was injured, the non-at-fault person.

In Florida, under no-fault law, regardless of whether you were the person who caused the wreck or whether you went into a tree, it doesn’t matter. Under Florida law, your own insurance carrier must pay your medical services up to their limit before any other insurance would kick in. They are mandated to and only after obtaining an opinion from a doctor that your injury is permanent can you then make a claim for your own personal injuries that are non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

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