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Who Is Liable If Someone Is Robbed At A Physically Independent ATM?

The bank would be liable for this, because the bank knows that people rob for money and an ATM is a money machine. As a result of these lawsuits, banks have started doing more to protect their customers. Most ATMs are now within and they are enclosed. There are no longer a lot of ATMs in the open where somebody could come up behind the person using the machine. Nowadays the person would actually have to go into a room.

ATMs are honestly very dangerous especially for females, regardless of the time of the day and regardless of the location. Practicing this type of law has taught me that there is a lot of stalking going on especially for female clients. Sometimes, the attacker would not initially commit a crime where they first saw their target, and they would follow them to another location to do the crime.

This happens at a lot of gas stations and ATM machines, and it also seems to happen more often with lone females. Filling gas or going to an ATM machine is significantly more dangerous than going anywhere else.

Banks and gas stations also know this so it is not exactly a secret. They have statistics regarding where people were robbed and how often. This is why if someone was a victim of a crime and they believed the crime could have been prevented, and even if they did not whether it could have been prevented, they should just reach out and find a lawyer.

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