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What Is Premises Liability And What Type Of Accidents Are Labeled As Such?

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What Exactly Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal term for the obligation which all landowners have to provide a safe and adequate venue for whoever visits the property.

What Types Of Accidents And Injuries Are Included Under Premises Liability?

Premises liability applies to the legal duty, the legal responsibility that people who own businesses, whether the business is related to a carwash, a bank, a store, or a general store, all those areas are controlled legally by the areas of law called premises liability and it’s just a legal way of saying the responsibility to provide safety for the general public.

The general public has an expectation and a right to be allowed to have a safe place, especially when a landowner is making a profit from the person or individuals that they are inviting to whether it’s a store or whether it’s an amusement park; all those areas are places where the premises liability laws in a state apply. That also applies to residential areas such as your own home, for example, or a condominium or an apartment building.

Every place where there are premises, there are legal rules that apply that the landowner of the said premises must have in place and those rules are for the general good of everyone, so no one has to deal with having to go somewhere that’s unsafe and that’s the reason why the Izquierdo Law firm specifically focuses on premises liability cases.

What Is Causation In A Premises Liability Case?

Causation simply means whether or not the dangerous condition that was at the premises led, casually led, to the injury of the person who is making the claim. Causation is something that is a matter of discussion and litigation and all premises liability cases at the Izquierdo law firm and the reason for that is one of the most used defenses that a premises will allege that they had as a defense to a claim for a premises liability case.

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