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What Is Meant By Negligence Of Security?

Negligent security is a legal term used to describe the responsibilities that certain establishments have in regards to providing a safe place for the general public to visit.

Is Negligent Security Different From Premises Liability?

The negligent security aspect of a wrongdoing, of a tort, is somewhat different than just premises liability in general. Negligent security refers to occurrences where someone was either injured or killed as a result of not having proper security, which should have been present.

This means that if security had been present, the person might not have been injured or killed. Premises liability more or less just refers to the area and whether or not it was kept safe, although it would not necessarily be security specific.

What Are Different Types Of Negligent Security Claims?

All individuals have a right to be kept safe when visiting someone’s business, house, residence or any other place for that matter. Businesses under Florida law, as well as residential properties have a responsibility to maintain a secure and safe place to live, work and even shop. Basically this would apply to any areas where an incident happened that could have been avoided if security had been present.

Do People Have A Right To Expect Security?

People should know they have a right to feel safe wherever they go and they have a right to be provided with a safe environment for them and their family, especially if they were giving someone money for a service, whether it was a hotel or a shopping mall. The person would be paying money so part of the deal would be that the person would not be a victim of a crime, and that they would be protected where they went.

Do The Circumstances Of An Incident Affect Liability?

Yes, because it is something that people just expect. All Americans have the expectation that they and their families are going to a safe and secure place, which is something that a lot of people take for granted. People expect the property owner or the hotel owner to inform guests about any dangers, or any hazards which may be present.

People expect that if there were dangers or the hotel owner had created a dangerous condition, that they would provide adequate, proper and professionally trained staff to protect guests from the moment they got to the premises, or from the moment they parked their car.

Everyone has these expectations, which is why negligent security is so powerful because otherwise the guest would just have to rely on the owner of that hotel to do the right thing, and if there were no repercussions for doing the wrong thing, then people would just not act accordingly.

People would pick profits over safety every time. If it was cheaper to only have one person there minding security instead of having several, because if several guards were needed in case something happened, then the property owner or the hotel owner would be held accountable for taking that kind of a decision.

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