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What Happens Once A Settlement Is Awarded In Personal Injury Cases?

Which Providers Are Entitled And Will Typically Come Back To Recoup Reimbursement Once A Settlement Is Awarded?

In Florida, any public hospital has a 100% right to reimbursement for treatment as a result of an injury which someone else caused. If there is a recovery for that treatment on the civil end, then the hospital has a 100% right to claim their expenses dollar per dollar. The second to request reimbursement is the federal government, or any Medicare or Medicaid liens which are automatic and they could only be filed at either the public hospital; they have a lien by law.

The Izquierdo Law firm evaluates the case and makes sure that all the collateral sources, if there was any payment by anyone, are dealt with. They will also see if there is anything that they can do in order to help reduce expenses for whatever they paid. At the end, they can put some money in their client’s pocket.

Are Most People Surprised That They Have To Pay That Money Back?

Most people are not very uninformed as to what exactly is going to be covered by insurance and what is not. If the injuries are serious, most people don’t have enough insurance coverage to be able to be made whole and/or are left with unpaid medical expenses. That’s a reality because not everyone can afford health insurance to help pay for these calamities.

Once You Have Your Settlement, Is Everything Going To Be Used Up To Pay For The Medical Bills?

Typically, the attorney will work out an equitable distribution between the client, the medical provider and the law firm. There is no cooperation that would bring that before a judge because if there is a recovery, it doesn’t mean that it’s a windfall for just the medical provider. The recovery has to be for the client, as the client is really above anyone else anyway.

Should Clients Utilize Whatever Insurance That Is Available Under These Circumstances?

If there is insurance available, that’s what you need to use first and foremost. That is the reason why people insure themselves; for tragedies and calamities. When there is a medical problem, you want to use that insurance policy that you’ve been saving just for that very reason.

Attorneys will also encourage clients to utilize their insurance for another reason. A lot of the insurance carriers have what’s called “contracts” that stipulate the amount of money that they’re going to get for certain medical services. That’s very beneficial.

For example, if the hospital charges $100 for aspirin but the health insurance carrier has a contract with the hospital that says that they’re only going to pay a nickel for the aspirin, then the hospital must waive the balance to the client. The Izquierdo Law firm does a very good job of making sure that those things are looked at carefully. Any contract providers that deal with medical providers are only entitled to whatever is under their contract. Therefore, another reason to get a lawyer is because these are things that the medical providers won’t tell you. Unless you know this information, you’re not going to get it.

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