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What Damages Are Available In Premises Liability Cases?

The damages available in premises liability cases are the same as you would have in a motor vehicle type case. The case is a negligence case and under the negligence laws in the state of Florida, the victims who have suffered damages, and that includes past lost wages, future lost wages, past pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, past medical expenses as well as potential future medical expenses, those are all elements of damages which the Izquierdo law firm enumerates when these types of claims are presented to an insurance carrier or your case is litigated and ultimately heard by a jury.

Are There Differences Between Economic And Non-Economic Damages?

Yes. Economic damages are damages that are ascertainable numerically and what that means is usually economic damages are calculations for the time that you missed from work, for example, those are past lost wages and those past economic damages would be calculated depending on the amount of time that you missed. You would also have future lost wages that you can calculate into the claim as well as non-economic damages.

When you talk about economic damages, you’re also talking about medical expenses for past treatment and also future treatment. The reason that the law allows for us to collect economic damages is to make you whole. If you were the victim of an injury that was suffered at someone else’s premises because that person left a dangerous condition and failed to inform you of the condition and as a result of that condition, you injured yourself and you had to go to the hospital because you broke your leg, the law says that you are allowed to collect those medical bills that you suffered as a result of that broken leg at that person’s home against that person and those would be called past medical expenses, which are economic damages.

Moreover, if the doctor suggests that you may need a surgery in the future as a result of that broken leg, the Izquierdo law firm will try to collect damages for economic damages for future medical expenses as well. So, those types of issues are all issues related to premises liability cases and the damages that are collectible under such types of cases.

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