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What Are The Time Limits For Bringing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Florida?

In Florida, all personal injury lawsuits are within a four-year statute of limitations. There are other statutes that are shorter with regards to medical malpractice type cases, however, if it’s an automobile or premises liability, slip fall or any type of other tort, then it would be four years to present the claim. Under Florida law, in order to be compensated for the medical portion of your insurance expenses for receiving medical treatment, you must get a doctor to see you within the first two weeks of your accident.

How Do I Obtain a Copy of the Accident Report and Other Relevant Documentation?

In our firm, once you reach out to us we will make sure to obtain all the necessary documentation including the incident report as well as all the hospital emergency room, paramedics, and any other records that we would require to present your claim on your behalf. We will do this continually through the course of representing you and initially, upon our first consultation, we would get you to sign authorizations so that way you don’t have to do anything and just sit back, get better and follow up with your doctors and we’ll take care of the legal side.

What Are the Options Available to the Injured Party in an Auto-Accident Case?

There are only two possibilities of insurance coverage in a vehicle wreck when there are only two vehicles involved. All the insurances that are available for the person who caused the wreck and those may be personal policies as well as possibly commercial policies depending on whether or not that individual who caused the accident was in the course of their employment at the time of the crash.

You also have your own insurance policies, which cover your medical expenses, but if you either can’t get additional coverage such as uninsured motorist coverage, or if you do obtain that coverage, which is not mandated by the state but you choose to take it, you’re then eligible to also make a claim for your damages against your own insurance carrier on their uninsured motorist protection.

Our firm would be responsible for making sure that we obtain all the insurance information pertaining to your case as well as processing all the necessary forms that need to be processed to make sure that all your rights and your medical expenses are protected and paid for.

What is the Financial Responsibility Requirement for Insurance in Florida?

Unfortunately, the only responsibility that a driver needs in the State of Florida is a mandatory personal injury protection policy of $10,000, which also includes along with it a $10,000 property damage policy. Those are the two minimum requirements in order for you to buy and drive a motor vehicle in the state and they don’t cover much.

If you choose the minimum mandatories, what you’re buying is basically a very small health insurance policy which caps out at $10,000. If you cause an accident, then the only thing that your insurance will have to pay is up to $10,000 for property damage that you caused and that’s it, you’re on your own. There aren’t a whole lot of requirements in the state, unfortunately, for you to be able to drive.

What Happens if I Get into an Accident with an Uninsured or Under-Insured Person?

Unfortunately, your options are very limited in the State of Florida. What we try and do in our firm on a daily basis with every new client that we have the opportunity to represent is try to educate them on this issue and make them very well aware that the only way to protect yourself is to buy good insurance because the reality of it is, your percentage of getting into a car wreck with someone who is either not insured or underinsured is very high.

What Are the First Steps in Filing an Auto-Accident Claim?

The easiest way to do this would be to hire a lawyer who specializes in this type of work. The reason for that is there are a lot of different forms that you’re going to be requested to complete in order for them to process any portion of your claim, whether it’s to repair your vehicle through your insurance or the at-fault’s insurance or whether it’s to collect for medical bills that you incurred at the hospital.

If you hire a lawyer that does this, the lawyer should be able to do this for you like we do in our firm for actually no additional charge and get your car issue resolved and also get the issue of any unpaid medical bills resolved for you as part of case representation and that’s what we do at our firm.

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