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What Are Some Common Injuries Seen In Boating Accidents?

What Types Of Bodily Injuries Are Seen In These Accidents?

You commonly see propeller injuries, which result in the death of someone who is sucked under the vessel and sliced by the outward propellers that are turning. The individual is usually in the water in these cases. That type of injury is a perfect example of a motor operator of a vessel who has no knowledge or understanding of what he is doing. This was the case of a 22-year-old who was reversing out of a sandbar with the engines running. This is completely dangerous and a sign of reckless behavior.

Another example would be if somebody put the anchor in while a tide was coming in and didn’t give the anchor rope enough slack for the boat to adjust. As a result, the anchor line goes stiff and the boat catches water in the front and in a matter of moments, the boat sinks under water and people are all now in the ocean trying to swim for their lives.

There are also incidents where people leave a sandbar after a full day of boating and may hit something such as a stationary navigational buoy or a navigational indication pole that are in the water because that person just simply didn’t know it was there. In other cases, they will go over a sandbar and go from six feet of water to half an inch of water. When those things occur, the vessel which is going very fast comes to a complete stop. As a result of the impact, the passengers in the vessel as well, as the captain, may be thrown out of the vessel. As they are in motion through the air they could hit the boat or things in the boat such as the center console, or the steering column. These types of injuries cause deaths, or at the least can be catastrophic where a person has survived but may never be the same.

Are Injuries Resulting From The Personal Watercraft Carriers Much Worse Than The Boating Accidents?

Injuries from the boating accidents are often much worse than those resulting from watercraft carrier accidents. The reason for that is when you stop the watercraft carriers, you may be ejected from the seat but you typically will only hit the water, not other objects. All of the passengers that are inside the boat, however, may be ejected into the water as well but the chances are higher they may hit something in the boat or the other vessel. Blunt trauma is what usually causes the worst injuries.

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