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Who Are The Liable Parties In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

There can be a number of liable parties in a commercial vehicle accident, such as the driver and the carrier, and potentially other motor vehicles. By allowing our law firm to represent your interests we can determine all the liable parties in a commercial vehicle accident.

If the Driver is an Independent Contractor, How Will It Affect My Claim?

Independent contractors must also carry their own insurance. Our firm will investigate and determine all applicable insurance coverages available.

What Rights Do I Have If a Family Member is Killed in a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Losing a loved one through an automobile accident is one of the worst tragedies a family can endure.  We treat such a loss with the utmost respect. In the state of Florida a surviving spouse and their children have the right to file a wrongful death suit.

Why is An Attorney Required to Handle Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Having an automobile accident can be overwhelming. Many times you have lost the use of your vehicle, maybe unable to return to work from your injuries. You need an advocate to help you. Our firm takes care of clients’ needs, from vehicle reimbursement to seeking medical attention and compensation for bodily injuries. We are a boutique law firm that prides itself on taking care of the needs of our clients.

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