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How Often Do You Deal With Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

We deal with them quite often. Generally, automobile accidents with a commercial vehicle tend to be tractor-trailers or trucks. Tractor-trailers often carry heavy loads and their collisions are very violent. Unfortunately, these accidents cause catastrophic damages with the potential of fatalities, amputations and/or severe spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis.

What Are The First Steps to Take After Being Involved In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

In the event of a collision with a tractor-trailer or truck, the first priority should always be your wellbeing and to seek medical care. Commercial vehicles will always have their insurance carriers and defense counsels aggressively defend their insured’s interest. It is imperative victims of these accidents seek their own advocate such as Alexis Izquierdo, P.A.

What Sort of Evidence Is Best In a Commercial Vehicle Accident Case?

Based on our experience, our investigators immediately seek out witnesses, obtain video witness statements, reconstruct the crash, and obtain photos of the scene. We also immediately put on notice to the at fault insurance carrier to preserve any GPS device in their insured’s commercial vehicle, driver’s log if applicable, and cellular photo data. We leave no stone unturned on behalf of our clients.

How Can Someone Initiate the Claims Process for a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Commercial vehicle insurance carriers immediately begin to work on their insured’s behalf. Victims of automobile accidents also need to act and counsel with a professional law firm. Contact us and we will take care of the rest. Allow our firm to be your advocate.

What Sort of Compensation Can I Potentially Recover from a Commercial Vehicle Accident Claim?

Any claim is based on damages. Our rule is to make our clients whole again following an accident. We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients.

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