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What Types Of Road Hazards May Lead To Bicycle Accidents?

There are many road hazards in Florida that are a problem for cyclists; primarily road construction. Road grates that are used to drain water from the heavy rains are particularly dangerous, especially if a bicyclist crosses a grate without seeing it. That can lead to a crash. While there are crashes resulting in injuries, every case is different.

Attorney Alexis Izquierdo has had cases where there was a boat being towed by a vehicle and the vehicle doesn’t hit the cyclist but the boat trailer does hit the cyclist and causes a major accident. A lot of times these accidents are a chain event type of incident due to the fact that there are multiple cyclists riding. It is like a bowling ball when one pin is hit, being the cyclist, then all the other pins also fall. That happens quite frequently in bicycle accidents when there’s a group of fellow cyclists riding together.

How Do Bicycle Accidents Differ From Other Accidents On The Road?

Unfortunately when you have a motor vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds striking upon a cyclist on a 20 pound bicycle without any protection but a helmet, the injuries to the cyclist are quite often significant, sometimes catastrophic. It’s not uncommon to break bones falling off a bike while being hit by a vehicle at 20 or 30 mph. It’s also not uncommon to suffer a significant head injury because of the fact that there is no protection when a bicyclist is thrown. When a vehicle hits another vehicle there are seatbelts and airbags to protect the driver and passengers. However, when someone is on a bicycle there aren’t those safety measures.

What Factors Constitute A Viable Bicycle Accident Claim In Florida?

Every case needs to be looked at completely and thoroughly before making any type of decision as to whether or not the case is going to go far. The attorneys at The Izquierdo Law Firm make a very diligent investigation of the facts of the case and try to determine if there’s any sort of recovery. That applies to any case that they represent a client on. They will try to examine the case in every possible scenario to make sure they don’t miss out on any potential recovery that can be obtained from the case.

What Types Of Damages Can Someone Recover In A Bicycle Accident Case?

As far as receiving compensation for pain and suffering if involved in a bicycle accident, that may be substantial depending on the insurance available and what other parties are available to collect compensation from. If someone is on a bicycle and there is a commercial-type vehicle that hits him or her, there may be a large insurance policy for any injuries that will help make the person whole. Attorney Izquierdo has had cases involving up to $1 million in insurance. The compensation could be very substantial. It also depends on where the accident took place and the facts of the accident.

Every accident is unique and different and needs to be evaluated thoroughly before making any decisions as to how to proceed further. However, definitely, if you are a victim of a bicycle accident you should consult with an attorney who handles these types of cases. Because Attorney Alexis Izquierdo himself is a cyclist, he works very hard to help fellow members of the cycling community as much as possible with regards to these incidents, which unfortunately happen more than they should.

What Are The Laws Pertaining To Safety Gear For Cyclists In Florida?

Under Florida statutes, there is a bicycle regulation, statute 316.2065. A bicyclist is required if above the age of 16, to wear a bicycle helmet that is properly fitted and fastened securely upon the head by a strap that meets all the federal standards for bicycle helmets. This is a very important thing as it prevents head injuries and injuries that would be much more serious if for not having that helmet.

However, if a bicyclist does was not wearing a helmet when involved in a bicycling accident that does not completely take away any potential for compensation. However, there is some attribution of fault for injuries because a helmet was not worn. For example, when someone doesn’t wear a seatbelt and is in a car accident and are rear-ended, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a case. However, the fact that a seatbelt was not working, may have contributed more to the injuries than if one was used. The same reasoning applies to helmets in bicycle cases.

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