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Boating Accidents

driving sailingFlorida, Miami in particular, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and other bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. These beautiful natural resources make Florida a dream destination for avid boaters and beachgoers. Unfortunately, many boaters fail to follow proper boating rules and safety guides; or simply lack the courtesy and respect needed to avoid turning a beautiful outing into a tragic day.

The Boating Accidents Statistical Report is assembled by the Boating and Waterways Section of the FWC’s Division of Law Enforcement. Statistics gathered in 2012, showed that the boat driver most likely to be involved in a boating accident was a middle age or older male who had plenty of boating experience but had never learned important safety considerations by taking a boating safety course.

The FWC Division of Law Enforcement is in charge of providing protection to those who enjoy Florida’s natural resources; they are also tasked with enforcing resource protection and boating safety laws.In 2012 boaters falling overboard was the main cause of boating fatalities. Below are key statistics on boating related accidents in 2012.

  • 40% of the fatal accidents were falls overboard (22 accidents)
  • 39% of the fatalities listed as drowning occurred on vessels less than 18 ft. in length
  • The leading cause of death in fatal boating accidents was drowning (62%)
  • 10% of the boating fatalities were alcohol or drug related
  • 91% of the victims of fatal boating accidents were males (50)
  • The total fatality count for 2012 is reported as 55

If you are injured, or lose a loved one in a boating accident, the advice of an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney like Mr. Izquierdo is essential to protecting your rights. Fatal boating accidents leave the victim’s loved ones with expensive funeral expenses; and the loss of income and support that the victim used to provide. Florida law allows the parent, spouse, child or other qualified representative of the estate to bring a claim against the negligent party. Mr. Izquierdo has represented numerous clients that were bringing a claim on behalf of a loved one’s estate.

Near-drowning incidents can cause complex medical resulting from lack of oxygen to the brain. Mr. Izquierdo works with doctors, surgeons and hospitals to determine the extent of those injuries.

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