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Types Of Insurance Available In Personal Injury Cases

Are There Different Types Of Insurance Available To Someone In A Personal Injury Case That Can Help Pay Medical Bills?

There are different types of insurances depending on the type of injury that you sustained and how you sustained the injury. If you sustained injuries from a car accident, under Florida law, your insurance company must pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses. If you sustain injury as a result of a premises liability where you were injured from a fall at a public establishment, then your medical bills may be paid in part by your health insurance carrier if you have any.

If the medical bills are paid by your health insurance carrier, then they would allege a lien towards the amount that they pay. For example, if there is a recovery on your behalf for your damages, that amount has to be paid back to your healthcare carrier.

The Izquierdo Law firm does an excellent job in negotiating and reducing the amounts that need to be paid back to various healthcare carriers; whether it’s a government healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, or whether you have private insurance like Cigna or BlueCross BlueShield. Those are the types of issues the Alexis Izquierdo deals with on a daily basis. After the case is settled, the firm enters into negotiations with the healthcare providers into reducing the bill amounts so they could put as much money as possible into the client’s pocket.

Personal Injury Protection In Florida And How It Applies To Most Cases

Personal injury protection benefits or PIP is a mandatory coverage that is required to be purchased if you drive a motor vehicle as defined under the Florida statute.

If you are in a car and you receive injuries as a result of a car wreck, the primary insurance that must pay for any medical expenses as a result of that wreck is your PIP insurance. That is the number one asked question in auto related accident cases. Clients want to know is who’s going to pay for my medical bills. The answer is your insurance is going to pay for your medical bills up to a limit. Typically, for most insurance policies, the limit is $10,000, so they will pay up to that point.

The first layer of coverage in a car wreck case is your PIP. After that, if there is any health insurance, they would take over the payments. Once your case is settled, your attorney will try and reduce any liens that they were asserted against your case and reimburse them. That would definitely be a reduction of what was owed.

In case you don’t have any health insurance, then those medical expenses are the responsibility of the client until the attorney can collect and get that money back by the person who caused the injury and the damages.

Med-Pay Insurance Coverage In Florida

Med-Pay coverage or ‘Medical Payment Coverage’ is insurance that individuals purchase voluntarily. It is not insurance that is mandated by the state in order for you to drive a motor vehicle or own a home or anything like that. Med-Pay coverage is rare in cases because most people don’t have it and most people who are being sued against don’t have it either. However, Med-Pay coverage will pay additional medical expenses above and beyond your value of the insurance coverage.

For example, if you’re in a car wreck and you have Med-Pay of $5,000 that would be an additional $5,000 to cover for medical expenses either for you or for the person that you caused the wreck to. It’s an additional coverage that the insurer can purchase, that is voluntary and it’s primarily to cover medical expenses.

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