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What Type of Accident Cases Do You Commonly Handle?

The Izquierdo Law Firm primarily focuses on personal injury law in Florida. That includes every type of conceivable personal injury case that someone can have as a result of an accident involving motor vehicles, a bicycle, a tractor-trailer, or as a result of an injury from premises where you have a slip and fall or trip and fall situation. Additionally, they also handle any premises liability case where someone was injured as the result of the negligence of someone else, or where someone is a victim of an attack or a violent crime where the owner of the premises failed to provide adequate security.

Are Bicycle Accidents A Common Occurrence In Your Native Area?

Attorney Alexis Izquierdo is an avid cyclist and in South Florida because of the fantastic year-round weather, there are a large number of bicyclists both weekend warriors as well as enthusiasts that ride regularly throughout the week. The issue with cyclists and sharing the road with motor vehicles in South Florida has become a significant issue where, on a yearly basis, unfortunately serious injuries and deaths involving motor vehicles and bicyclists result from not properly interacting with one another.

Do Motorists Have A Certain Duty Toward Bicyclists?

Florida statute 316.2065 controls all actions that would pertain to anyone riding a bicycle. Under those regulations, both the cyclist and the motorist have certain duties and obligations to try and keep one another safe. As per Florida law when you are on a bicycle on a street you have the same responsibilities as a motor vehicle to yield to the right-of-way to oncoming traffic and to make sure that you are on the right lane of traffic. If there is no bike lane available, you are required to stay as far right as possible. Also, motorists have responsibilities towards cyclists which include allowing them ample space when trying to maneuver around. There is what is called a 3-foot law, which means motorists are to keep at least a 3-foot distance when trying to pass a bicyclist on a roadway if there is no bike lane available for them.

What Laws Are Most Frequently Violated By Motorists In Regards To Cyclists?

In Florida, one of the biggest problems is the fact that the majority of motorists in this day and age, are either texting or on their cell phones as they’re driving. There’s a very minimal penalty for texting and driving in Florida, as well as speaking on your cell phone while driving. There are no points assessed to your license and you have to be actually caught doing something else in order to be ticketed for texting while driving.

As a result of these very soft laws, motorists have a responsibility to take it upon themselves to be safe on the roadways. Unfortunately, a lot of the motorists driving today are distracted drivers. Distracted drivers are the number one cause of accidents both with cyclists and with other vehicles. As a result of this distracted driving, it doesn’t take a whole lot to swerve into the path of a cyclist with a vehicle while going 40 mph and the cyclist is going 15 – 20 mph. This causes significant injury and sometimes death.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Accidents Involving Bicycles In Florida?

In South Florida, it’s a unique fact that a lot of the cyclists who are into the sport of cycling do so during early morning hours. The reason being is traffic is less heavy during the early morning hours either right before sunrise or right at sunrise. As a result of this, when you are riding your bike in the dark, even though you may have LED lights if there is a motorist who’s distracted at night, that makes it a lot more difficult to see the cyclist. If you are riding really early in the morning, sometimes there are crashes and fatalities resulting from people who are returning home from a night out at a bar and have been drinking. They crash into a cyclist simply because they have been drinking and driving.

Are Manufacturing Defects Ever The Cause Of Bicycle Accidents?

There have been cases regarding helmet failure and things of that nature with regards to bicycling, but in general, the types of cases that Attorney Izquierdo deals with are cases where you have a bicyclist or a pedestrian who was hit on the roadway by a distracted motorist. Sometimes a motorist trying to avoid a car accident while being distracted and not seeing a cyclist on the road will hit a cyclist. Those are the general types of cases that the Izquierdo Law Firm handles.

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