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Personal Injury Claims And Liability After A Boating Accident

What Kind Of Financial Damages Are You Looking At When You Sustain Injuries In These Cases?

These types of cases are all multimillion dollar cases. They deal with people’s lives being changed forever and sometimes losing a loved one as a result of somebody else’s carelessness. These are big cases where the damages are in the millions and sometimes there is not enough money because they are underinsured or don’t have a proper insurance to compensate the victims for the loss.

Who Can All Be Held Liable In A Boating Or Personal Watercraft Carrier Accident?

The operator of the vessel could be held responsible, primarily. However, if the vessel is owned by someone else who loaned that vessel to an operator, who then carelessly caused somebody to be injured, the owner of the vessel may also be held responsible.

If a vessel is being used by the owner for promotional purposes and there is an agreement by a corporation that’s promoting an event and using that owner’s vessel, any injuries as a result of the operator’s negligence can also be attributed to the corporation who is sponsoring the event.

It would be equivalent to if you had a concert and didn’t provide adequate security for the people at the concert and somebody gets hurt. So, if you’re sponsoring that event, you need to make sure that it’s a safe event for everybody.

What About Jet Ski Rental Or Boating Rental Companies? Can They Ever Be Held Liable In These Cases?

Jet Ski or boating rental companies can also be held liable in these types of accidents. If the rental company rents a vessel to a very inexperienced boater who doesn’t know anything, and the boater ends up in an accident, the rental company can be held liable.

If There Is A Death Involved In These Accidents, Is The Claim Going To Be Different Than If You Were Filing A Claim For Injuries?

When you’re filing a claim for wrongful death, under the wrongful death statute of Florida law, you will present that claim as a survivor on behalf of the person who was killed.

How Is Fault Actually Determined In Boating Accident Cases?

Experts are hired to help in evaluations. Whenever there is an accident, the Fish and Wildlife Commission, which are like the boat police, will also investigate and file a report. They confiscate the vessels that were involved in the accident and do forensics investigations and that also aids in the case.

Are There Any Comparative Fault Measures Involving Boating Accidents In Florida?

Comparative fault applies for boating as well as for automobile or any other type of negligence case in Florida. There will be two versions of the accident and comparative would be an argument that would be made by the defense.

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