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Med-Pay Coverage And Paying For Medical Bills To Get Treatment

Are There Policy Limits For Med-Pay? Who Is Responsible For Paying Those?

Taking another example, if you have medical payment coverage of $5,000 in your home and God forbid something happens with a visitor who is invited to your house. If that person had to go to the hospital and incurred medical expenses, regardless of whether or not you were negligent, whether or not he wants to sue you, Med-Pay Coverage will just pay that person the medical bills up to $5,000. That is a great thing to have. That would be one example of how Med-Pay would apply.

If All The Available Resources Are Exhausted, Are There Ways To Work With Doctors Or Medical Facilities To Get The Care You Need?

Absolutely. The Izquierdo Law firm have has had the benefit of having a wonderful working relationship with many facilities in Florida. Because of the reputation of their firm, treatment is obtained and the clients are made whole. All is done with the promise of payment at the end of settlement of the case, which is called a Letter of Protection.

So, therefore there are ways for you to get treatment even if you don’t have insurance and you’re involved in an accident; whether it’s a car accident or whether it’s a fall or a premises case or whatever it might be. If you’re injured, talk to an attorney. An attorney may be able to guide you to medical providers that can help you even if you don’t have insurance to pay.

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