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How Is An Attorney Compensated For An Auto-Accident Claim?

All cases in Florida regarding automobile wrecks or personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means that the plaintiff attorney who represents the injured victim does not collect unless the case is resolved, and the at-fault insurance carrier or person pay the settlement. Once the settlement is reached, that’s when the attorney collects a percentage of the settlement.

Typically, the percentage of the settlement on a case that is not in court is 33% and typically, if it is in court, it’s 40%. These are the percentages that are promulgated by the Florida Bar and they are identical in all cases with all personal injury lawyers that do this type of work. Our firm’s percentage is not going to be any greater or lesser than a competing firm; they are typically all the same.

What Makes Your Firm Unique in Handling Auto-Accident Cases?

In the field that we are in, it’s very difficult for one attorney to make himself stand out any different than another but for the fact that our firm I consider to be a boutique litigation firm. We don’t represent a high volume of clients and we do litigate the cases that merit litigation with our clients’ consent. The work that we do is only this type of work and we handle it hands on and we take a lot of pride in representing our clients and informing our clients of all their options and benefits in these types of cases.

Would You Like to Say Something In Relation to Auto-Accidents in Florida?

When you call my firm and need help, we’re going to have somebody go to you right away within 24 hours. If for whatever reason we can’t help you, it’s not going to cost the client a dollar. Any cost that our firm puts out in obtaining medical records and reports and getting the incident report and getting all the information and all the work necessary done in your case is just an opportunity to meet someone new and that’s the way that we look at it, we’ve never charged a client that I haven’t been able to be successful for.

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