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How Common Are Boating Accidents In Florida?

Boating Accidents Are A Common Occurrence In Florida

There are a large number of boats on the waters in South Florida, in Dade and Broward County. In fact, there are more registered boats in the state of Florida than any other state in the country. The problem lies in the fact that you can purchase a motor vessel without any particular requirement as to knowing how to operate it in a safe manner.

The majority of recreational boaters who purchase a boat, set sail and do so without ever having taken a course. As mentioned there are no requirements. As long you have the money and the credit, you can get a boat. You would be surprised at the amount of people who haven’t even taken the optional coastguard safety class and who have and operate boats.

There are certain rules of navigation that everyone is supposed to follow when they are out on the water, whether you are in Biscayne Bay or in the Atlantic Ocean. There are also markers in the bay where most of the recreational boaters go on the weekend. If you are operating a boat and you have simply no idea what the regulations are, it becomes a very dangerous situation for everyone.

The courses have not been made mandatory in the state of Florida. The boating industry has lobbied against any requirements and as a result, there are a lot of really serious accidents on the water that occur in South Florida.

Is It Correct That People Don’t Need To Take Any Class Or Special License Or Certificate To Operate A Personal Watercraft Carrier Or A Boat In Florida?

In South Florida, with beautiful unvarying beautiful weather, boating is a year-round. There are often a lot of boaters that are all in the water at the same time and this becomes very dangerous.

In addition, in South Florida they now have a line of party boats organized through social media at sandbars. You’ll find 200 boats put together with loud music and alcohol on a given weekend. These activities are extremely difficult to regulate by the Fish and Wildlife Commission, the FWC.

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