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Why Do You Practice Personal Injury Law?

I consider myself a street lawyer and a trial lawyer. Our firm is dedicated to helping people who can’t otherwise afford to obtain a litigator without paying them up front. Our firm will help clients with their damages, and we do not charge a client for helping them until we have been successful.  If there are circumstances that would prevent us from being successful with their case, then they don’t have to pay me.

I believe we provide a much needed service and see our practice as a noble cause, because the people that you’re competing against when you’re trying to recover for your clients is very difficult and you are usually up against very well-funded, well trained lawyers and insurance carriers.

Are People Generally Biased Against Personal Injury Attorneys?

It’s the number one question to ask potential jurors when you’re trying a case; what is their perception of a trial lawyer; they’ll say there are many greedy lawyers who just file claims and make a lot of money, who are not honest and just tell people what they want to hear so as to recover money and that’s just absolutely not true. Being a trial lawyer is a very difficult profession and in this day and age, especially with all the negative publicity regarding tort reform and trying to convince people that everyone is entitled to the benefit of the doubt, I try to earn people’s trust; not just jurors, but clients, and make them understand that we take our job very seriously and understand that we wouldn’t take the financial risk and spend the time and effort because we truly believe our clients do are in need of our help.

Are Personal Injury Claims Easy to Get or Is There Always A Fight?

For the last 27 years, our firm’s policy is to handle only personal injury cases and handle them the same way. First, we allow the insurance carrier the opportunity to settle the case in good faith, without incurring additional costs and attorney’s fees by filing a lawsuit. We present the case pre-suit to the insurance carriers for the at-fault defendant and attempt to resolve the case amicably. This occurs only half the time because, sometimes, the insurance carrier will minimize a person’s injuries and we won’t accept a minimal recovery analysis.

If they try to minimize the recovery, we will then speak to the client, to make them understand that it is in their best interest and their only option to present the case in court. Then, we file a lawsuit and our firm will bear all the costs of presenting the lawsuit with the court, including all subpoenas, depositions and filing fees. It’s a wonderful system we have, because, by allowing us to collect a contingency fee at the end of the case, clients can retain really good competent trial lawyers to help them through the recovery process; lawyers they couldn’t afford otherwise. The trial lawyer accepts all the risks and bears the responsibility of bringing the case to a conclusion and only collects a fee if they win.

Do these Claims Always Require a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It’s a huge mistake for any individual who has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence to attempt to try and negotiate their own claim without representation from someone who is detached from the case and who deals with this type of case on a daily basis.

Insurance adjusters and insurance attorneys are not your friends; they’re doing their job, which is preserve the money the insurance company has. They’ll never evaluate your claim fairly and give you full value for your damages, especially when you yourself don’t even know what the value of your damages. Unless you were to hire an injury lawyer with superior knowledge in the field, it will be like doing the plumbing yourself in the home you built, even though you’ve never done plumbing before; it doesn’t work.

Do You Handle Negotiating Down Medical Bills as an Attorney?

Our firm always does that; we are very involved in trying to negotiate the medical bills down because the more we can reduce them, the better the recovery will be for our clients.

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