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FAQs About Medical Bills In Personal Injury Cases

Are Medical Bills Typically Going To Be Paid In The Personal Injury Settlement?

Whether or not medical bills are going to be paid in the personal injury settlement depends on several factors. First, it really depends on the type of injury case that you have and the type of medical lien that’s being asserted. Another factor that is considered is the type of insurance that may apply or not apply when there is an injury case. The medical bills are called economic damages in legal terms. Economic damages are paid out of your settlement if there is no insurance to cover the entire amount. Typically, when there is insurance and they do pay a portion, they are entitled to allege a lien against the medical bills that they pay against your settlement as well.

Will Reimbursement Include Medical Bills Already Paid As Well As For Future Medical Treatment That Might Be Necessary?

Reimbursement from the standpoint of receiving money in a personal injury case will include your economic damages, which are your unpaid medical bills both in the past and in the future, as well as your non-economic damages for pain and suffering. Both of these components are taken into consideration when a settlement is reached. Part of the settlement is supposed to be for payment of any unpaid medical bills both in the past and in the future.

Who Has To Pay For Medical Bills Out Of Pocket Start When Someone’s Injured In An Accident?

Typically, if someone is injured in an accident in Florida, they have what’s called Personal Injury Protection benefits for anyone who needs medical treatment as a result of a motor vehicle accident. This means if you get into a car wreck in the state of Florida, the personal injury protection part of your insurance policy will pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses that you incurred as a result of the injuries you received.

It gets a little bit more complicated if you have another type of accident or claim. For example, if you have a premises case where you were injured in someone else’s property as a result of falling, those types of cases depend on the clients, whether or not their insurance has paid or and any medical bills as a result of the injury they suffered that day. All the economic damages are what we call out-of-pocket intending until the case is settled. At that point, the medical bills are paid.

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