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FAQs After Someone Is Involved In A Boating Accident

What Are The Statute Of Limitations For Boating Accidents In Florida?

The statute of limitations for boating accidents is the same as any other negligence action in Florida, being four years. If, however, you’re filing a maritime action in the high seas, such as on a cruise ship, that is a different type of action and requires you to file it within one year.

What Are The Steps You Need To Take If You Have Been Involved In A Boating Accident?

The first thing you should do for any accident is consult with an attorney and let the attorney guide you as to what the steps need to be, especially if it’s a complicated case such as a boating case.

How Important Is The Investigation In These Accidents? How Often Are Witnesses And Experts Employed? What Type Of Evidence Is Important?

Like all cases, the investigation for gathering evidence in a boating accident case is very important. At the Alexis Izquierdo Law Firm, for any personal injury case, they will secure all statements from witnesses as to what occurred as soon as possible. This is important to make sure that you have a fresh recollection of the events and you know how to best go forward with your case.

The evidence is produced a lot through testimony as well. The actual vessels in a boating accident wouldn’t be available to the attorneys for some time. Usually, the FWC requires an investigation that can last anywhere up to a year before they release the watercraft carriers or boats. Once they are released, if additional evidence is needed from the vessels, attorneys are free to do that at that time. They can hire admiralty experts to give opinions as to the damage of the vessels. These experts also come up with what they believe occurred if there are no witnesses. Typically though, witnesses help aid in trying to recreate what happened.

If the boat is not released within a year, this may impact the case and the case will take longer to resolve.

Is The Recovery Process Different In A Personal Injury Case Involving Boating vs. Auto?

The recovery process for a boating accident case is the same as any other personal injury case. It just depends on what your damages are and everyone recovers differently.

Are Most Claims Initially Denied?

Most claims are not initially denied. Even though they are not denied, however, if there is a difference of opinion as to the value of the claim, then there will be arguments so the case may not be resolved right away.

What Are The Biggest Challenges Faced By People In These Cases?

The challenges in boating accident cases are numerous. However, a good attorney can be very successful with overcoming all the hurdles that these cases present by understanding that each one is uniquely different.

One of the biggest challenges is when there is no insurance or things of that nature and the liable party doesn’t have any assets that you can go after.

How Long Do These Cases Typically Take To Be Resolved?

Most boating accident cases are resolved within a year.

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