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FAQs About Boating Accidents

Is There A Particular Age Group Or Persons That Are Involved In Boating And Accidents More Often Than Others?

With over 27 years of experience dealing with boating accident cases, typically, drinking is a related issue with any case. In sunny South Florida, if you are out on a boat all day, you are going to be thirsty and odds are there is alcohol that’s going to be served. When you extrapolate the alcohol with the sun, hours of boating that people are typically on a boat, this can lead to the operator of a boat to make really bad decisions.

As a result, it’s noticed that in the younger age group, between 20 and 30 years old, there are a lot of cases that happen in South Florida. Also, whenever there is a congregation of a lot of boats and it’s dark, it becomes quite a problem. For example, when the 4th of July fireworks are done over Biscayne Bay, there are hundreds of boats that come early and they dock to watch the fireworks show.

People on those boats are drinking for hours. When the fireworks end, by that time of night, it is very dark everybody wants to get back to their por. There is a large amount of boats going very fast, at night without lights or minimal lights. This all brews a storm for accidents occurring, which can end in fatalities.

What Will Make Up A Solid Boating PWC Accident In Florida?

It depends on who you are representing and the facts of each case are uniquely different. These facts are especially different in boating accidents because there are so many ways that somebody can become injured as a result of being on a boat. It is advised to seek legal advice immediately for the family. They need to contact a law firm that has handled these type of cases in the past who can immediately begin to investigate whether or not there’s a viable claim to make.

How Common Are Fatalities When It Comes To Boating Accidents?

Fatalities in boating accidents are very common. The reason is due to the fact that when you are on a boat and you are skimming over the ocean, these boats for the most part have engines that produce speeds between 20 to 30 miles per hour on average. Some boats that have several engines produce even higher speeds than that. If you strike another object that’s moving as well, you will most likely be thrown into the water or you possibly into a portion of the vessel and then into the water.

If you aren’t immediately killed as the result of the first impact of your body slamming into a part of the boat, then once you hit the water and you are unconscious, you may drown. That’s what happens a lot of the time. Keep in mind, there are no seatbelts on boats and no one has a helmet on. It’s a very dangerous activity if you have an accident.

How Is “Reckless” Defined In Terms Of Reckless Operation Of These Carriers? What Are Some Examples Of Recklessness And Negligence?

You don’t have to have reckless behavior for there to be a claim in the state of Florida. The state only requires that the plaintiff prove that more likely than not, the injury was caused by the defendant.

If there is reckless behavior, it could be a contributing factor to receiving a larger settlement amount and even punitive damages in some cases. More likely than not, the injury was caused by somebody who failed to be reasonable and failed to have the conscience of the community and the safety of the community in mind in whatever he did. That may be enough for there to be a cause of action.

If people think there was something that was done improper, as a result of the improper actions of the operator of the vessel that resulted in their injury, they should seek legal counsel.

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