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What Are Some Common Injuries Seen In Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycling has lots of health benefits, and many pursue it as a hobby, but bicycle riders are much more likely to be involved in an accident and injure themselves by falling off the bike or by hitting a stationary object. They are also most vulnerable when in an accident on the road, as they are exposed to increased risk than car drivers. Read on to understand some of the most common injuries seen in bicycle accidents and the factors affecting these injuries.

Head Injury – Unfortunately, one of the most common types of injuries seen in bicycle accidents are head injuries. This is mainly because when a bicycle hits something with force, the rider is usually thrown over the handlebars and lands on the ground. If the rider is not wearing a helmet, a head injury is expected. The head injury could be in the form of scrapes, bumps, and even skull fractures.

Brain Injury – A head injury involving skull fractures will result in a brain injury. The rider can suffer from minor brain injury like a concussion, or a traumatic brain injury which can have long lasting and devastating results. Traumatic brain injury leads to memory loss, decreased body function and even permanent disabilities.

Facial Injuries – If the bicycle rider landed on the ground head-on, they will suffer from facial injuries. Such incidents lead to broken nose, broken jaw, damage to the eyes, broken teeth, cuts and bruises on the face and even extreme scarring.

Spinal Cord Injuries – When the bicycle crash victim lands on their back, neck or head, with force, it may result in spinal cord injuries. Such accidents can lead to vertebrae fractures or even paralysis.

Broken Bones – If the bicycle rider hits something with force, or if they are run over by something when on the ground, they may suffer broken bones and fractures. The most commonly affected areas include the arms, legs, shoulder, neck, collar bone, back, hip and almost any other bone in the body. The rider may even suffer from multiple fractures and bone breaks, which may require extensive treatment and rehab. In extreme cases, the rider may lose a limb entirely.

Death – In cases when the force or impact was great and the bicycle rider was not wearing any protective gear at all, the accident may result in fatality.

Factors that affect the severity of injuries

Like any accident, the severity of a bicycle accident will be affected by a number of factors including:

  • the force of impact
  • whether the bicycle rider was wearing a helmet or other protective gear
  • speed of the bicycle rider and any other party involved in the accident
  • the condition of the roadway
  • whether a motor vehicle was involved in the accident

Getting Compensated After a Bike Accident

When someone has been in a bicycle accident, they can claim compensation for losses. These include:

  • Loss of earnings due to the injuries
  • Cost of medical treatment and bills incurred as well as for future treatment
  • Damage to property and cost of bicycle repairs
  • Other expenses incurred by the bicycle accident victim

An experienced bicycle injury lawyer knows exactly how claims are filed in bicycle accident cases. The attorney will also how to file a wrongful death lawsuit in case there has been a fatality.

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