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Can Damages Be Recovered In A Negligent Security Case?

The damages recoverable would be the same regardless of the cause of action the person chose to go with.

The person would be entitled to the same damages for a premises liability case where they were injured, or a car accident case where they were injured, as they would for a negligent security case, which would include the harms and losses in the past, in the present and in the future along with economic damages, which would include the medical expenses that were incurred in the past, in the present and in the future.

All these damages would be calculated in the same way for any type of negligence case.

Do Most Personal Injury Claims And Cases Go Hand In Hand With Criminal Charges?

Not really, because in a lot of cases, if not most cases where there was an unsafe or inadequate environment for somebody to be there, and as a result of that, someone was either raped, murdered or mugged and seriously injured, then in those types of cases, the assailants would usually not be caught, and even if they were, the criminal act they perpetrated would not really have any legal bearing on the negligence of the premises owner.

There have been cases where criminals have been caught and sent to jail and they stated in their depositions that they went to a particular location to do the crime because there were no surveillance cameras and they did not have any good lighting. It was very dark so it was easy for them or there was no security guard and there was no police.

Owners of properties need to take affirmative steps to deter crimes before they occur, meaning they should provide proper and safe conditions such as adequate and well lit parking lots, maybe security golf carts with patrols or anything else that would deter criminals from acting. There are many reasons why negligent security is so powerful in Florida.

What Makes For A Strong Negligent Security Case?

Let us consider that an individual owned a gas station and there had been ten robberies in the past two years at this gas station. A customer came there late night not knowing about the robberies, so they came there to put gas because they were open, but then that person was robbed of their vehicle or their purse or they were shot to death. This has occurred in South Florida numerous times.

This would be a stronger case than if someone was robbed at a gas station and it was the first time anybody had ever been robbed there. This would be more difficult as opposed to a case where the establishment had a track record of a very high criminal element in the establishment but even then nothing was ever done or not enough was done on behalf of the establishment owner.

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