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Personal Injury Cases

Quesada v. ADM Sunlight

$450,000 Settlement

Mr. Quesada was on the loading docks picking up a container. Mr. Quesada was speaking to an ADM Sunlight supervisor, when a forklift without warning threw Mr. Quesada to the floor. The impact was a complete and total surprise to Mr. Quesada. He had no opportunity to avoid this collision. As Mr. Quesada was lying down on his left side his left foot was perpendicular to the floor when the forklift rolled over and crushed his left foot causing permanent injuries. Mr. Izquierdo successfully claimed that ADM Sunlight breached their duty to Mr. Quesada by failing to provide reasonably safe premises because the forklift did not have a backing alarm, lax safety conditions, and inadequate monitoring and supervision. Mr. Izquierdo attained a $450,000 settlement for his client.

Tucker v. Ferrara

$250,000 Settlement

Mr. Tucker went up the ladder in front of the Defendant’s home over the garage. When Mr. Tucker was on top of the roof he found it very slippery. He then attempted to climb back down from the roof when he slipped from the roof while attempting to step onto the ladder and fell ten feet onto the concrete driveway landing on his left foot. Both the tibia and fibula bones broke through Mr. Tucker’s skin from the impact of the fall.

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