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Negligent Security Cases

Maldonado v. Park Plaza Hotel

$4 Million Settlement

Plaintiff, Claudia Maldonado came to the firm of Alexis Izquierdo after discovering that her husband had been robbed and murdered at the Park Plaza Hotel in Hialeah, Florida. Mr. Izquierdo took on the case and filed suit against the hotel and the security company for not having sufficient security which could have prevented Ms. Maldonado from becoming a widow with several children. Mr. Izquierdo along with the firm of Haggard Parks obtained the highest negligent security settlement in Florida history at the time.

Campos v. Opa-Locka Flea Market

$2.2 Million Settlement

Surviving children, Marlon, Soraya and Myron Campos, successfully brought wrongful death claims for their parents against the Opa-Locka Flea Market. The Alexis Izquierdo Law Firm effectively demonstrated that the Flea Market was negligent in their security provisions. As a result of the case, one of Florida’s largest outdoor flea markets now has metal weapons detectors, video security cameras and additional security guards.


Estate of Fonseca v. Yoyito’s Café & Cao

$517,000 Settlement

Ms. Fonseca was killed after sustaining fatal injuries from multiple gunshot wounds while working at Yoyito’s Café in a shopping center owned by Mr. and Mrs. Cao. Yoyito’s Café and the Cao’s did not properly secure the area and were aware that something of this nature could occur.

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