Learn How To Keep Children Prevent From A Dog Bite


It is very important to keep things simple when you are teaching your children how to be safe around dogs. You must discuss with them the importance animal, how we relate to them, and the role of an animal in your family, not just how to avoid being bitten. If there are younger children in your family, you must supervise them when they are around the dogs and be very attentive of their interaction with the dog so you can teach them to be gentle with it.

Here are some simple and easy tips that can be used by you to help your kids understand the value of respecting dogs and avoiding bites.

Rule # 1:

Keep away from unknown dogs:

If you have seen any dog you don’t know and it is wandering here and there without being supervised, you must keep yourself away from it, and immediately alert the animal control agency.

Rule # 2:

Do not pet any dog without the permission of its owner:

You are entitled to seek permission from the owner of the dog and then go near to it. Avoid to pet a dog without asking first, even if you are acquainted with the dog and it seems friendly toward you before.

Rule # 3:

Teach your children to be confident and quit when are confronted with an aggressive dog.

You must teach your children to confidently, quietly walk away if they are confronted with an aggressive dog. Children must remain standstill if any dog goes after them, then they should take a defensive position. Their defensive position will alert the dog. And unluckily, if they are knocked down, teach them to cover their head and neck with their arms and curl into a ball.

Rule # 4:

Instruct children to avoid yelling or running.

You must teach your children to avoid escalating the situation by yelling, hitting, running or making any sudden movements towards or away from the dog. This action will infuriate the dog and make it more aggressive.

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Rule # 5:

Children should not bother dogs if they go to their beds or crate

You must teach your children that if a dog goes to his/her bed or crate, they should not create anxiety for them. Instil the idea into children mind that the bed or crate is the dog’s space to be left alone. A dog needs a relaxed, comfortable and a safe place where the children should not go. It is highly recommended you that you should not isolate dog because isolation causes bad and aggressive behaviour in dogs. Always keep your dog near where your family frequently spends time.

In addition to this, you should teach the children at a level they can understand. Do not expect from your younger children to behave like elders. You must teach your children not to tease dogs by taking their food, toys or pretending to hit or kick. Ask your children to avoid to pull the tail or ear of your dog as it disturbs them a lot and they can react aggressively.

Last but not least, as parent, it is your responsibility to alert local dog control agency about any stray dog around your neighbourhood.

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