Infant Taken to Hospital due to Police Chase

827175_43fc32d1fe02442ba543f409c36163f1The 4th of July brought more than fireworks and bar-b-q for the Hollywood, Florida police department. While Being pursued by police at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park, 6503 N. Ocean Drive in Dania Beach, an allegedly drunk driver struck a vehicle carrying an infant. The infant was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures. Fortunately, the infant is OK.

Since a car accident occurred law enforcement may be at fault. According to the Florida Highway Patrol Policy Manual “vehicular pursuit of fleeing suspects present a danger to the public, officers and suspects involved in the pursuit.” As a result, the law enforcement officer is required to access the situation in regards to the offense that was committed, the weather conditions, and carry out only necessary vehicle pursuits that do not present danger to the public. According to research, this is the general requirement for multiple states throughout the United States.

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