Fourth Female Student Attacked on University of Florida Campus

827175_b15dc185dd6c42788b861246d04c8098The majority of parents are concerned about their child leaving the nest after graduating from high school. They entrust their child’s wellbeing to the university that the child will attend. Unfortunately, the university is not always able to fully protect their students. This was the case on the University of Florida’s campus where another female student was attacked at night.

Around 9 p.m. on September 8th, a fourth female student was attached at McCarty Hall on the University of Florida’s campus. The suspect was described as a white man wearing an orange shirt, black gym shorts and a black baseball cap who was last seen running towards Reitz Union. The description is very similar to the description given by the three females who were previously attacked. The Gainesville police department is asking anyone with information to call 9-1-1 or 1-866-833-2287.

The university may be civilly liable because it has a duty to provide proper security. The university could have deterred the robbery from taking place by taking proper security precautions of having surveillance cameras and security guards outside. By not implementing the proper safety measures the university could be held responsible for any harm that comes to its invitees while on its premises. If the said harm was foreseeable and the university failed to take any actions to prevent it, then it may be civilly liable for the injuries that the victims suffered.

Great deals of universities have emergency phones within a certain radius, security guards, cameras, lighting, and more. As a result, the university probably should have known that certain incidents could occur if proper security measures were not taken. This gave them notice, but the university failed to prohibit such injuries. The result of the non-deterrence and the negligent security was the robbery of the victims.

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