Dealing With Medical Bills After A Car Accident

Car accidents can throw people off their routine and cause unforeseen problems. Wrecks or collisions may result in common injuries such as whiplash or a muscle sprains or severe injuries such as concussions, broken limbs, or internal injuries demanding extensive surgery. A common concern that injury victims face after an accident is how they are going to be able to pay their medical bills during the course of pursuing a personal injury claim. The type of insurance coverage in your policy determines if your medical bills can be paid under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, Medical Payments coverage (MPC), health insurance coverage, or a Worker’s Compensation plan. In most policies however, the insurance company is entitled to reimbursement from the settlement or award of your Personal Injury claim for the medical expenses actually paid on your behalf.

People that don’t have any insurance and are unable to pay for medical services can make arrangements with doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities that agree to be paid out of the settlement. In these cases, you are required to sign a lien against your settlement funds. There are many medical services provided after an accident that require payment. Common examples of such services are:

  • Paramedic transportation
  • Surgeries
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic and massage therapy
  • Doctor appointments
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Medication

Car accident victims have to bear huge medical expenses; however, with the assistance of a competent attorney victims can find resources they need when it comes time to pay their medical bills. There can be a number of solutions to pay for your medical bills. In the majority of accident claims, health insurance declines to pay for accident-related treatment and tells the victim that they have to bill the at-fault party’s insurance carrier or PIP coverage, if applicable. They fail to inform people that once PIP coverage is exhausted or if there is no PIP, then the victim has to pay for treatment. Many times individuals have regretted agreeing to a settlement while still in the hospital. They settled on an amount with their insurance adjuster only to discover that they had sustained more extensive injuries than were originally identified thereby increasing their medical expenses.

This type of mistake should be avoided at all costs. Avoid this mistake and wait to settle the claim until you speak to an attorney. If you were injured in an auto-related accident then PIP is an excellent resource. It is designed to cover personal expenses on a no-fault basis. With this, you can find compensation for medical expenses and wages lost during your hospitalization and recovery periods. People with no insurance still have a number of options available to them with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. If the at fault party is covered by liability insurance, an attorney can help you to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault person’s insurance. If the settlement offered by insurance is insufficient or if the at fault party is non-compliant in Florida, a competent personal injury law firm such as the Lipcon Law Firm can file a personal injury claim to assist in your financial recovery.

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