Cruise Ship Accident Case Settlements

Slip and Fall Case on Carnival Cruise

In 2009, a woman was compensated for a total of $2.9 million by Carnival Cruise line. The woman was aboard Carnival Pride in August 2009 when she slips and fell on the ship’s pool deck. The fall led to her fracturing her kneecap. Even though pool decks are expected to be slippery and the passengers must walk with precaution, but the Cruise ship had used a slippery resin coating on the floor that made it extremely slippery. In fact, there were other cases of people falling and slipping due to that coating. The woman required 6 surgeries on her knee, and even then, she requires a brace to help her walk. In addition, when the woman sought medical assistance on the cruise ship, the physician stated that she did not need immediate medical treatment which delayed the time of her receiving aid.

Brain Damage From Parasailing

In 2008, a man who signed up for a parasailing activity in a cruise ship was severely brain damaged. The man was compensated $4,650,000 million in damages, but is unable to do anything for himself and requires 24/7 assistance. The employees who were present during the parasailing activity were not properly trained in the security that the passengers must take. Because of this negligence, the man was not given proper instructions and subsequently suffered a brain injury.

Rape By Cruise Line Employee

In 2005, a female passenger became a victim of a rape by the cruise’s employee. She was awarded $1,575,000 million in compensation. It was later found that the cruise line had not conducted an extensive background check and the employee that committed the act, had a record of sexual crime in their country. The employee had snuck inside the woman’s cabin when she was alone and asleep. It is important for cruise line companies to conduct extensive background checks on all their employees.

Drowning Incident in Swimming Pool

The family of a 6-year old boy was awarded $500,000 after their son drowned in the cruise ship’s swimming pool. The boy was in the presence of his parents, but there were no lifeguards or supervisors present at that time. The majority of entertainment activities in cruise ships lack the appropriate employees to supervise it. Because the parents were present but failed to notice the boy drowning, the family was not awarded as much as they should have been. Because the courts deemed them to have contributed to the drowning despite there not being any lifeguard present. Parents have a responsibility to their children as well.

For more information on the amount that can be recovered through a cruise ship accident, contact a injury cruise ship lawyer. They can give an estimate as to how much the victim could receive.

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