Child Killed Due to Car Crashing into Day Care Wall

827175_84fbe5e0a3d74516ab0880fd06b63c4cLast Wednesday, a girl was killed and 14 others were injured after a car smashed into a day care located in Orlando. The majority of the injured were children. The accident took place after a Toyota Solara convertible went out of control after being struck by a Dodge Durango causing it to jump a curb and smashing into the day care. Despite smashing through the wall of the day care the driver of the convertible was not hurt. The driver of the Durango fled the scene. Officials believe the driver was 26-year-old Robert Corchado and are still searching for him. Anyone with further information regarding this unfortunate incident is asked to come forward.

From a civil standpoint, the school may have been civilly liable due to students being injured and by not having bollards to protect their students. Bollards are cement guards that prevent vehicles from going into certain areas. The day care may also be liable because a property owner is responsible for any harm that comes to its invitees while on their premises. If said harm was foreseeable and the failed to take any actions to prevent it, then it is civilly liable for any injuries to the students and employees.

The day care takes precautions to ensure its students safety by fencing in their premises, only allowing certain people on the premises, prohibiting harmful objects from being brought on its premises, and more. Furthermore, it requires its employees to uphold the safety precautions that have been put into place. As a result, the day care was probably given notice that some sort of protection such as bollards needed to be in place. The result of the non-deterrence and the negligence resulted in the harm of students and the employees.

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