Category : Property Damage

Cristobal Expected to become Tropical

Category 1, hurricane Cristobal was expected to become extra tropical. Despite loosing tropical characteristics, Cristobal will remain a powerful extra tropical cyclone over the North Atlantic. Current conditions are supposed… Read More

Four Children Die In Mobile Home Fire

Four children and one adult died in a mobile home fire. Authorities believe that two of the children were playing with a lighter while in their grandmother’s care. The distraught… Read More

Fire Causes $300,000 in Damages

Thursday morning, May 21, 2014, a Tallahassee, FL house caught fire on the 8100 block of Blue Quill Trail. Fortunately, the owners of the home were out of town on… Read More

Tornado Touches Ground Near Miami International Airport

Warnings were given all throughout Miami due to a tornado briefly touching ground Thursday around 2:30 p.m. near Miami International Airport. 20 minutes later, a second funnel cloud was spotted.… Read More

Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Signed Into Law

Hurricane Isaac left its mark throughout the state of Florida causing damage to commercial and residential property. The damage, which includes flooding and physical destruction has resulted in a need… Read More