Category : Personal Injury

Train Hits Man Causing His Legs to be Amputated

A train hit a man on June 3rd in Marion County, causing the man to undergo major surgery. It has been reported that a 132-car train ran over the man’s… Read More

Lauderhill Chevron Robbed at Gunpoint

On Tuesday, around 2:15 a.m. two men robbed a Chevron gas station on 5585 N. University Drive at gunpoint. One man aimed the gun at the store clerk and demanded… Read More

Man Robbed at Gunpoint at K Beverage & Food Store

Thursday evening, on May 22, 2014, outside of the K Beverage & Food Store on Westgate Ave., an armed man robbed another man. The police department has not released the… Read More

Tornado Touches Ground Near Miami International Airport

Warnings were given all throughout Miami due to a tornado briefly touching ground Thursday around 2:30 p.m. near Miami International Airport. 20 minutes later, a second funnel cloud was spotted.… Read More

2 Pronounced Dead on the Scene After Crash

A three-vehicle crash took place near Tampa Bay on May 18, 2014, leaving two people dead. Around 10 p.m. a 2004 Chevy Tahoe crossed the centerline while heading towards the… Read More

Male Remains in Critical Condition After Crash

After loosing control of his vehicle, 21-year-old, Augustus Stoker’s 1998 pickup truck hit two trees, which caused the roof to be partially torn. The accident took place while Stoker was… Read More

Child Killed Due to Car Crashing into Day Care Wall

Last Wednesday, a girl was killed and 14 others were injured after a car smashed into a day care located in Orlando. The majority of the injured were children. The… Read More