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Automobile Accidents Cases

Serrano v. Castillo & Rex Chemical Company

 $815,000 Settlement

Ms. Serrano and her husband were violently rear ended by the defendant who was a salesman for Rex Chemical acting within the course and scope of his employment. As a result Ms. Serrano underwent an L-5 lumbar operation. Our firm was able to successfully obtain settlement prior to trial for the family.

 Guerra v. Capuano

$510,000 Settlement

Mr. Capuano was traveling eastbound and inexplicably turned into oncoming westbound traffic. Mr. Capuano’s negligence caused a collision into the right rear door of the vehicle he was driving. Upon impact, Ms. Guerra, momentary lost consciousness, sustained a head injury, significant facial pain, bleeding from nose, under left eyelid, facial swelling, nasal swelling, lib abrasion, and lower back soreness. The hospital listed Ms. Guerra’s injuries as a facial fracture; comminuted nasal bone fracture; comminuted fracture of the left orbit; comminuted fractures of the medial, anterior, and lateral walls of the left maxillary sinus with large bony fragments from the lateral wall and displaced into the sinus, extensive left facial soft tissue swelling and head injury. Ms. Guerra later underwent surgery for her injuries.

 Llamo v. Bus Company

$340,000 Settlement

Ms. Llamo was dropped off on the opposite side of the road from her home at a very busy intersection and advised to cross without the School Bus Driver verifying that vehicles were stopped. Recovery for a fifteen year passenger catastrophically injured by a motor vehicle was received. The settlement was obtained on behalf of the minor for injuries she suffered as a result of the negligence of the School Bus Driver. Mr. Izquierdo filed suit on behalf of the minor claiming negligence and breach of contract against the at-fault driver and the Bus Company. Mr. Izquierdo successfully obtained a $340,000 settlement from the named defendants for Ms. Llamo.

Muniz v. Perez

$300,000 Settlement

Due to an improper lane change lanes the Defendant collided into Mr. Muniz’s Freightliner semi tractor trailer from the passenger side cab causing the vehicles to be imbedded. The impact caused Mr. Muniz’s Freightliner to pivot and turn nearly 180 degrees and to collide head-on to the Interstate 95 concrete median wall. The Client sustained injuries to his lumbar spine after the Defendant improperly changed lanes colliding into Mr. Silva-Muniz’s vehicle. Unfortunately, Mr. Muniz was unable to return to work as a result of this accident. The Izquierdo Law Firm successfully obtained a settlement to cover Mr. Silva-Muniz’s pending Medical Bills and future
medical care.

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