Auto Accident Leads

Vehicle accidents, MVC (motor vehicle collision), traffic accident, car smash, road traffic accident, car accident, automobile accident, or car crash happens when a vehicle hits the other vehicle, animal, pedestrian, other stationary obstruction such as utility pole or tree, or road debris. Traffic collisions can result in injury, property damage, or death.

Personal injury leads are exclusive and real-time. Such leads are the requests for a legal help which comprises of a wide range of personal injury issues. MVA leads encourage to subscribe the whole personal injury practice area to turn on full personal injury advertising for clients’ location. However, specific area of personal injury can also be selected which might affect reliable lead flow. There are few reasons that the personal injury practice should be using the services of online lead generation to find the personal injury leads:

  • There are almost 6,420,000 auto accidents cases every year in the USA.
  • Slips and trips account nearly one million visits of hospital emergency room in a year.
  • Only in the US, the medical malpractice cases filed each year, against doctors are 15000 to 19000.

There are hundreds of millions of personal injury law issues that need qualified lawyers to help them in claiming procedure or in negotiating the fair settlement. Start getting justice for the injuries today!

MVA’s exclusive auto accident leads are the requests for a legal help by those who are the victim of the auto accident and got injured. All of the auto accident leads should meet the below qualifying criteria or the victim can request the credit for that lead:

  • The injury occurred.
  • The prospect was not at fault (happens rarely).
  • No attorney has been retained already.
  • Time limit of accident happened is within the past three years (happens rarely).

Follow-up Questions:

Following follow-up questions may pose after the auto accident lead is selected:

  1. The Statute of Limitation: MVA leads then gather the information about when did the accident take place. This helps in screening the unreasonable requests that outside the statute of limitation. This also helps the verification team to approve client’s returns quickly.
  2. Fault: To determine the fault the options included are: “Yes, I caused the accident”. “Another person was involved”, or “The accident involved the animal, tree, or an act of nature.”
  3. Medical Treatment: Team then determines that whether the victim was treated by the doctor or the hospital for accident-related injuries.

In addition to the above criteria, MVA team double-verify to determine whether the lead is in the right category or not. A further list of questions is posed to ensure that the lead is actually from the category of the auto accident lead. Leads may be purchased at least possible increments of 25. 50, 75. 0r 30 leads monthly depending on the geographical scope. Because of nationwide heavy demand, currently, the motor vehicle accident leads are sold on the national basis or statewide.

Auto Accident Lead Statistics

According to a study by Insurance Research Council, over 2 million people get injured in auto accidents every year. Using a lead generation brings in new clients in a powerful way to improve the practice. An auto accident lead MVA generates comes from those car crash victim who expressed their interest in consulting the attorney. MVA Leads link the law firm with the clients looking specifically for a legal representation in firm’s desired geography and are then sent to the law firm in real-time.

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